Our speakers for 2023 will be shared in early September.

Read on to see which featured speakers we had at our 2022 Showcase!

Indoor Presentation Speakers

Anik Islam

Anik Islam is a Senior Research Associate at Smart Prosperity Institute where he leads policy research and analysis on sustainable finance and net-zero industrial policies to help Canada meet its climate objectives and achieve economic prosperity. Previously, he worked at an international consulting firm where he provided research and advisory services on renewable energy market development, infrastructure/structured financing, and sustainable development goal implementation to governments, financial institutions and multilateral development partners. Anik holds a M.A. in Economics from the University of Ottawa and a M.Sc. in Finance from Queen Mary University of London.

Andrea Flowers

Andrea Flowers is the Manager of the Climate Change & Resiliency Team at the City of Ottawa. Andrea is responsible for developing and coordinating strategic policies, programs and plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build resiliency to climate change in Ottawa. As the City’s centre of expertise for climate change and resiliency, the Team also provides technical expertise on corporate projects and supports community initiatives. Andrea has more than 15 years of experience in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors.

Dan Vivian

Dan is the principal of the Building Science Trust and a mechanical engineer with over 37 years of experience in Net Zero Retrofit planning, energy conservation, capital planning, plant and project engineering and maintenance supervision. He has worked in manufacturing, mining and building science. He also teaches mechanical engineering at community colleges. He has conducted property condition assessments, energy audits, reserve fund studies and Net Zero planning on homes, schools, office buildings, commercial buildings, shopping centers, high and low-rise residential properties, hospitals and airports. Prior to entering the consulting field, Dan managed facilities for three plants. In addition, he has extensive experience in industrial manufacturing, project engineering, plant engineering and maintenance supervision.

Angela Keller-Herzog

Angela Keller-Herzog is the Executive Director of Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability (CAFES) and principal at Horizon Green consulting. She has over 20 years experience working in international development including at Transparency International and the Canadian federal government. She has represented Canada overseas and at United Nations conferences. Angela believes in local action, taking responsibility and getting things done to create the world we want to live in. Preserving biodiversity and taking climate action are two of Angela’s priorities. She is a former director on the boards of Ottawa Renewable Energy Coop (OREC) and the Glebe Community Association. She is a co-founder of Ottawa Centre Refugee Action and the Glashan Schoolyard Greening Project. She has received multiple awards recognizing her progressive community leadership.

Marion Siekierski

Marion Siekierski is the General Manager of the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative (OREC). With a M.A. in Political Science and a background in international development work and project management, Marion is driven by a sense of urgency about the climate crisis. Over the last few years, Marion has focused on environmental education as well as advocacy for more robust climate action. She is excited to promote OREC’s approach of community-funded renewable energy giving individuals an opportunity to invest in projects in their communities, earn a dividend and contribute to a just and swift energy transition.

Outdoor Presentation Speakers

Jennifer Stelzer

Jen is the Director of Community Sustainability Programs at EnviroCentre. She has a BA in Geography with a keen interest in urban landscapes and programs that influence citizen behaviour. She is a life-long cyclist and her passion for encouraging sustainable transportation and lighter living is reflected in the work she does.

She has been exploring cities by bike for over 40 years and loves encouraging others to do the same! She sits on the board of the Historical Society of Ottawa and often looks to the past to understand how today’s urban spaces came to be.

Raymond Leury

Raymond Leury is retired from an IT career. The last 20 years he spent working for Microsoft culminating in the position of Principal Consultant. Raymond has always been interested in environmental issues. That has led him to purchase an EV 10 years ago and to get involved with EV owner’s groups, where he now occupies the position of President of the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa. He has attended Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project Leadership Corps which re-ignited his passion for the environment. Raymond splits his time between advocating for EVs, talking climate change and volunteering with the Red Cross, most recently helping with the Covid-19 efforts. Raymond holds an MBA from the University of Ottawa.

Deanna Hammel

Deanna Hammel is passionate about raising awareness of zero waste and continuing her own zero waste journey. She has volunteered with Zero Waste Canada since 2020 in the area of education and youth outreach, and more recently as a member of the board. Deanna enjoys delivering presentations to classrooms and youth groups and addressing the topics of waste and consumption. As a panelist, Deanna will provide an overview of the principles of zero waste and how we can all start or further our zero waste journey.

Dan Vivan

Daniel Vivian P.Eng. is a mechanical engineer with over 35 years of engineering experience with the last 20 years focused on Building Science Consulting (capital planning and energy conservation). He has a business to help home and building owners reduce their environmental impact by preparing plans to move off fossil fuels as efficiently as possible.